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Aah1 wav 98K "Ahh, life is good"
Abouttime wav 21K "About friggin time you showed up" Cartman
Abracada wav 11K Bugs Bunny saying "abracadabra"
Absofragginlutely wav 22K "Absofragginlutely, damn it"
Abuse wav 27K "Am I paying for this personal abuse,
   or is it extra?"
Accused wav 29K "Well I've been accused of a lot of things
   before, but never that"
Aceright wav 17K "Man I'm tired of being right"
Adios wav 35K "Adios you chicken pluckin' little stinker"
Admire wav 43K "I admire your honesty, now shut your
   mouth before I puke in it"
Admirer wav 30K "Well what do y'know, I got a secret
Afk wav 93K "Ok, I'm gonna be afk, don't say or do
   anything interesting until I get back"
Agenius wav 33K "You're a genius oh terrible master. There's
   no end to your evil"
Ahhbiteme wav 33K "Ahh bite me!"
Ahshedup wav 27K "Ahh shut up"
Ahshit wav 7K "Ahh shit!"
Aimandshoot wav 50K Gun shot's and "stfu"
Aintsendit wav 18K "I ain't sending you shit"
Airsuck wav 42K "How dare you serve these air sucking
   intruders before us"
Alcoholsystem wav 94K "So whadya mean? I don't have any blood in
   my alcohol system"
Alfckdup wav 27K "It was all f**ked up"
All2easy wav 20K "All to easy"
Allabout wav 68K "What's it all about? No wait! I don't give
   a crap"
Allalone wav 74K Song clip:
   "All alone, at the end of the evening"
Allnight wav 322K Song clip "We get up early and we work
   all day. Put our time in cuz we like
   to stay up all night long..."
Aloony wav 64K "What are you gonna do, bleed on me?"
   "You're a looney"
Alottanerve wav 18K "You got a lot of nerve honey"
Alphabet wav 31K "Why is the alphabet in that order? Is it
   because of that song?"
Alvinbj wav 64K Alvin the chipmunk, umm...
Amibad wav 20K "Am I bad? Oh yes!"
Amused wav 92K Song clip "I wish I was like you, easily
Ancestrs wav 29K "Your ancestors were nothing but a bunch
   of pimps and whores"
And Sometimes The Man wav 42K "And sometimes the man puts his hoo-hoo
   dilly-dilly in the womans cha-cha"
And the hits keep comin wav 52K "And the hit's just keep on coming"
Anduwill wav 109K "Years from now when you talk about this,
   and you will. Be kind"
Angelha wav 83K "I'm an angel"
   (laughing) "Ok.. so the halo slips a little"
Animal wav 406K Song clip from Nine Inch Nails
Anklesex wav 171K Sexual mix of songs and voice clips
Ankles6 wav 130K Another version of "Anklesex"
Ankles7 wav 321K And another version of "Anklesex"
Ankles50 wav 270K Yet another version of "Anklesex"
Anniversary wav 683K Parody of "My Way" (funny wav)
Another wav 93K "Well, here's another nice mess you've
   gotten me into"
Another bed bites the dust wav 155K Parody of Queen's
   "Another one bites the dust"
Answer wav 30K "Don't change the subject, just answer the
   f***ing question"
Anybetter wav 80K "It doesn't get any better than this"
Anything wav 14K "Do anything you want to me"
Aolad wav 382K Parody of AOL advertisement (cute wav)
Aolbroke wa 34K "I'm sorry, the function you requested is
   not currently available"
AolGump wav 111K "AOL is like a box of chocolates, you never
   know what you're gonna get"
Aoltoast wav 100K "Here's to addiction, and buddies so fine, til
   my butt turns to stone, I'll be always online"
Apology wav 25K "Why don't you suck your apology outta
   my d**k!"
Archie wav 396K Archie Bunker parody of Edith talking dirty
Areuredy wav 23K "Are you ready yet?"
Are U as horny wav 57K "Are you as horny as you look?"
Are you still there wav 9K "Are you still there?"
Arewehavingfun wav 13K "Are we having fun yet?"
Arrest1 wav 196K "This is the cyber police, set down your
   keyboard and step away from your
   computer..." "...cuff me baby"
Ask one more question wav 30K "Ask one more question and I'm beating the
   shit out of you"
Askinyou wav 35K "I don't remember asking you a God
   damn thing"
Ass wav 39K Woman saying "f**k me in the..."
Ass2nite wav 171K Song clip "Were you born an asshole"
Assalert wav 155K "Attention chatters, we have another
   potential ass in the room"
Assf**k wav 164K "And if you do cop a tude jerkoff,
   I will see to it..." (not that bad)
Asshole wav 84K Singing "A-SS-HO-LE, everybody A-SS-HO-LE"
Assholie wav 37K Singing the word "asshole" in Italian
Assistnc wav 68K "How may I be of assistance?"
Asskickn wav 5K "I do the ass kicking around here"
Asskissr wav 16K "Is it true that you're an ass kisser?"
Assume wav 8K "Assume the position"
Asswhup wav 49K "Somebody is gonna get their ass whooped
   over this thing"
Asuwish wav 14K "As you wish"
Atest wav 146K Emergency Broadcast System test,
   set to a beat (cute wav)
Atongue wav 46K "It feels like an enormous tongue just licking
   your entire body"
Att wav 9K "You're not dealing with AT&T"
Atticsex wav 159K "Attention chatters: For those of you
   pertaining in cyber sex in the attic...please
   bring it down to the main room so we all
   can enjoy"
Attitude wav 69K "Don't gimme that attitude, I got one of
   my own"
Aw quit bellyaching wav 4K "Aww, quit your bellyaching"
Awesome wav 46K "Awesome!"
Awwcrap wav 13K "Aww crap!"