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Babybaby wav 64K Song clip "Baby baby, I get down on
   my knees for you"
Babycom wav 398K Song clip from "Come Baby Come" by K-7
Babypsy wav 66K "Kinda looks like a little baby
   p***y because the lips are all
   inside. Oh man I love that"
Babysuck wav 40K "That's a really dumb question that
   only a baby bottle sucker would ask"
BabyTrain wav 131K "Baby likes to rock it like a
   boogie woogie choo-choo train"
Backdoor wav 878K Seductive type song with some
   sound effects
Bad wav 550K Song clip from "Bad To The Bone"
Bad1 wav 209K Song clip, first few seconds from
   "Bad To The Bone"
Badboys-whatyagonnado wav 120K Song clip from the theme song "Cops"
   "Bad boys bad boys, what ya gonna do.."
Badcat wav 33K Meowing and then "stfu, will ya"
Badday2 wav 448K Funny message to a computer help
   line made by a very angry man.
   We've all probably felt this way at
   one time or another!
Badfk wav 14K "Ha ha ha, who ever taught you how
   to f**k should have their d**k cut off"
Badlove wav 230K Mix of sexual song clips
BadlyBent wav 272K Song clip from the country song
   "Badly Bent"
Badpuppy wav 125K "You are a bad dog. Now come
   over here and sniff me."
   Thanks Miss Hoots for this one!
Badpussy wav 163K Raunchy mix of sound and song clips
Badword wav 29K "Ah, you said a bad word"
Bakedbeans wav 259K Parody of a Baked Bean commercial
Ballitch wav 51K "Heyyyyyy, my balls itch"
Ballrip wav 44K "I'm so pissed at you I could rip
   your testicles off and staple them
   to your ankles."
Ballsout wav 136K Andrew Dice Clay "My balls are
   hanging outta my pants..."
Bambi wav 214K Sound clip from My Cousin Vinnie
   "Imagine you're a deer, you're prancing
   along and BAM! A f**kin' bullet..."
Banana1 wav 480K Archie Bunker meets the Banana Splits
Barbie girl wav 254K Song clip from Aqua's "Barbie Girl"
Baredown wav 12K "I don't give a f**k if you're
   married or not, I want you to
   sit on my face and bare down"
Bark like a dog wav 49K Sound clip from Caddyshack
   "Bark like a dog for me."
Bathroom wav 43K "I gotta go to the bathroom"
Bbbbbbb wav 7K "Bitch, bitch, bitch..."
Bbspot wav 55K "It'll take a bigger brain than
   mine to figure out this one"
Bbutton wav 50K "Why that ain't my belly button"
   "Why that ain't my finger neither"
Bc wav 32K "You're an inspiration for birth control"
Bday wav 22K Electric guitar playing the verse
   "Happy Birthday To You"
Bdaymix wav 73K Happy Birthday mix
Bdsprngs wav 431K Sexual mix of bed sounds and
   music clips
Beatings wav 11K Sound clip of whipping noises and
Beaver wav 495K Song clip "Take a picture of your
   beaver for me"
Beback wav 12K "Be right back"
Beblunt wav 26K "If I may be so blunt, who gives a
Bed wav 39K "Get off of my bed you f**king
   psycho. You're f**king psychotic"
Beersplt wav 89K Budweiser frogs getting squashed
Beg4it wav 58K "Can we have sex?"
   "Well I tried, what's for supper?"
Behappy wav 79K Song clip from "Don't Worry, Be Happy"
BellButt wav 142K "Didn't I tell you not to play
   with your belly button?"
Be my lover wav 188K Song clip from La Bouche's
   "Be My Lover"
Bestbj wav 48K "I'll give you the best bj you
   ever had"
Bestf wav 23K "You're my very best friend"
Bestfrnd wav 623K Song clip saying
   "Friends are friends forever,
   if the lord's the lord of them.
   And a friend will not say never..."
Bestwrst wav 28K "I can be your best friend or your
   worst enemy"
Bigbra wav 446K Parody of the Beatles'
   "Obla De, Obla Da"
Bigbutt wav 65K "Will the owner of the great big
   butt please move it outta my face?"
Bigdawg wav 288K "Time to play some golf cuz the
   Big Dawg is in the house"
Bigdogs wav 33K "If you wanna run with the big
   dogs, stop pooping like a puppy"
BigHug wav 50K "Oooh, big hug"
BigJohn wav 353K Song clip from "Big John"
   "Every morning at the mine you could
   see him arrive, he stood six foot six
   and weighed two-forty five.
   Kinda broad at the shoulder
   and narrow in the lip, and everybody
   knew you didn't give no lip to Big John
Bigkiss wav 207K "You won't back off when I throw my
   arms around your handsome neck and
   treat your lips to a fat royal kiss..."
Bigpussy wav 152K Sound mix of voice and song clips
Bigtits wav 31K "Wanna see my big tits?"
Bimbo wav 571K Parody of Aqua's "Barbie Girl"
Birthday wav 237K Birthday song
Bitch From Hell That's Me wav 77K "Bitch from hell that's me!"
   Thanks Carol for making this one!
BeenThere DoneThat wav 40K "Been there, done that"
Bitchs~1 wav 510K Cartman from South Park "Bitch" song
Bitchy wav 30K "My aren't we a witsy bitsy bitchy
   this evening?"
Biteme wav 10K "Bite me, bite me, bite me!"
Bj1 wav 89K Mix of sound and voice clips
Bjsong wav 351K Parody of "Jingle Bell Rock"
Blo-me wav 285K Song parody
   "Blow me, you hardly even know me..."
Blowme2 wav 25K "Blow me, just f**kin blow me"
Blonde wav 9K "I don't get it"
Blowitoutyourass wav 20K "Blow it out your ass"
Blowkiss wav 10K Sound clip of blowing a kiss
Bluballs wav 170K Song clip "Cause you suck my d**k
   until my balls turn blue"
Blush wav 26K "Stop, don't make me blush"
Blushing wav 23K "I'm embarassed, I'm blushing"
Blvsht wav 4K "Are you believing this shit?"
Blwjob69 wav 148K Mix of song and voice clips
Bob wav 215K "Look out. She's cranking up her
   vibrator man"
Bobbit wav 556K Song parody (funny wav)
Bobbit2 wav 278K Song parody done by The Chipmunks
Boner wav 47K "Whoa, I'm getting a boner"
   Beavis and Butthead
Bong Song wav 702K Sisqo parody "The Bong Song"
Boo wav 22K "Boo! hehehehe"
Boobsong wav 200K Parody clip of Britney Spears
   "Make My Boobies One More Size""
Boo Fckn Hoo wav 15K "Well boo-f**king-who"
Boom wav 556K Song mix including "Boom Boom Boom
   (let's go back to my room)"
Boomboom wav 101K Song Clip "Girl your bootie is so round
   Let me lick you up and down.
   Can I take you one more time
   I won't stop until your mine..."
Boottothehead wav 16K "Boot to the head" and kicking noise
BoPeep wav 59K The Diceman... enough said!
Boringfor100 wav 20K "I'll take boring for 100 Alex"
Botherme wav 16K "Go away boy, you bother me"
Boxchoc wav 80K Sound clip from Forest Gump
   "My mama always said, life is like
   a box of chocolates. You never know
   what you're gonna get"
Boxers wav 347K Funny take on boxer shorts
Boyshave wav 38K Little boy saying:
   "Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina"
Boysroom wav 182K Song clip from "Smokin' In The Boys Room"
BraceForDisintigration wav 30K "Brace yourself for immediate disintigration"
Brady Bunch wav 433K Song parody of the Brady Bunch
Brains wav 95K "God gave men brains larger than
   dogs' so they wouldn't hump
   women's legs at cocktail parties"
Brainsass wav 15K "Where are your brains? In your ass?"
Bras wav 45K "I don't know why we need bras"
   "I think it's to keep your breasts
   off the plate when we eat"
Brat wav 9K "Brat!"
Brb wav 26K "Be right back"
Brbporchnaked wav 39K "Be right back. Need to pee off
   the back porch naked"
Brownies wav 18K "How about some more brownies dear?"
BS wav 91K "Bullshit"
Bstrokin wav 274K Song clip from "Strokin" by Clarence Carter
Btdt tshrt wav 85K "Been there, done that, and yes I
   have the t-shirt"
BtKick wav 34K "Somebody aughtta get their ass
   kicked for this, that's for sure"
Bugs1 wav 11K Bugs Bunny "What's up doc?"
Bugupass wav 25K "I'm sorry that bug up your ass
   had to die"
Buhbye2 wav 38K "Wow that's a great story, buh bye"
Bummer wav 2K "Bummer"
Bunyfart wav 104K Bugs Bunny farting
Buyaclue wav 27K "Here's a quarter sweetheart, go
   buy a clue"
Bye wav 47K "Adios"
Byebaby wav 12K Child saying "Bye baby"
ByeBye2 wav 320K Song clip from Nsync's "Bye, Bye, Bye"
ByeByelove wav 549K Song clip by the Everly Brothers
ByeDarl wav 31K "Goodbye darling, gotta go now"
ByeNow wav 24K "Bye now"