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Cadshk02 wav 47K "You're lean, you're mean, and
   not too far inbetween I bet, huh?"
Call800wackoff wav 31K "Oh just go call 1-800-WHACK-OFF"
   Thanks Miss Hoots for this one!
Callop wav 117K  "Pay attention son, look at me
   when I'm talking to ya"
Callsomeonewhocares wav 10K "Here's a quarter, call someone
   who cares"
Callwa~1 wav 61K Girl talking dirty when call waiting
   beeps in
Calmdown wav 27K  "You're really too tense, you need
   to calm the f**k down!"
Came2fk wav 55K "I didn't come here to fight,
   I came here to f**k"
Candotht wav 38K  "Computers can do that?"
Candy wav 45K  "Candy is dandy, but diamonds
   just might get you laid"
Candy3 wav 360K "I asked my boyfriend what am
   I gonna get your brother for his birthday?
   He said f**k him. I said ok but what are
   you gonna get him?"
Cantblev wav 39K "I can't believe it"
Canwetlk wav 16K "Can we talk?"
Cat wav 250K This is a song about a cat? Well, not really!
Cattleprod wav 162K "Stick a cattle prod up their ass
   and you can get a horse to deal cards.
   It's simply a matter of voltage"
Caught wav 1.2MB Radio show prank from St. Paul, Minn.
   Girl catches her boyfriend telling the
   dj about his other girlfriend
Cause Im A Blonde wav 852K Song parody
CCmad wav 107K Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland
   "We're all mad around here"
Chattin wav 61K "Just sitting around chatting with the
   girls. Talking about sore nipples and
   waiting for the prozac to kick in."
Cheerup wav 11K  "Aw c'mon, I'll cheer you up"
Cheese wav 55K Who cut the cheese?
Cheesepoofs wav 35K Cheesypoofs clip from South Park- Cartman
Chicken wav 301K A singing chicken
Childinsult wav 54K "To say that you behaved
   childishly, is an insult
   to children everywhere"
Chill wav 34K "Would everybody just chill"
Chillout wav 21K "Oh chill out, chill out!"
Chills-Grease wav 161K Song clip from the movie Grease
Chitchat wav 50K "Whadya say we quit the chit chat
ChitHappens wav 36K "Chit happens"
   Thanks Chickie for this one!
ChknDance wav 96K Song clip from "The Chicken Dance"
Chokeurself wav 17K "Now lean forward and choke yourself"
Chucky Cheese Hell wav 722K Cute song
Cigaret wav 95K "The sex was so good even the
   neighbors had a cigarette"
Civilise wav 16K "Let's be civilized about this"
Clean Song wav 1.1MB  The NOT so Clean Song
Clean The Catbox wav 803K  Parody of The Clash's "Rock The Casbah"
Closer wav 23K "Warning, assholes are closer
   than they appear"
Coach wav 160K Song clip "Put me in coach"
Cocktail wav 21K  "I want you to tie me to the bed..."
   raunchy one here
Come wav 179K Um...just sex noises
Come2bed wav 145K "What are you still doing at that computer?
   Come to bed and f**k me now"
Comegetit wav 55K "You want it? Come and get it"
Comeout wav 28K "Come out, come out wherever you
   are" Jack Nicholson
Comeout wherever you are wav 31K Femal saying "Come out come out,
   wherever you are"
Cometrue wav 99K  "May God bless and keep you,
   and your wishes all come true"
Company wav 88K "You have company"
Complady wav 304K "Computer Lady"
   Country type song about a guy who
   met a woman online. Cute song
Computer wav 50K "If ya can't trust a computer, who
   can you trust?"
Condom Song wav 759K A song about condoms, what else?
Confidence wav 40K "Confidence is high"
Continue wav 31K "Continue"
Coochie wav 202K Song clip, slighly dirty...
Coolwhip wav 96K "I wanna tie you up, smear whipped cream
   all over your naked body and lick it off"
Cornsex wav 125K "I need to learn how to awaken the sexual
   beast that lies dormant in every womans
Correcta wav 14K "Correctamundo"
Couch wav 130K "Oh yes, yessss, right there.. oh yesss..
   that's exactly where I want the couch"
Cowboy wav 473K Song clip from Kid Rock
Cputerror wav 56K "Computers don't make errors.
   What they do, they do on purpose"
Crash wav 183K "Your computer is about to crash. Place
   your tray and seat back in the up positions.
   Place your head between your legs
   and kiss your keyboard goodbye."
Crazy wav 139K "This is a place for crazy people,
   I'm not crazy"
Crisco-Shlong-Song wav 862K Parody of Sisqo's "Thong Song"
CRS wav 11K Can't Remember Shit"
Cuff wav 70K  "You sound like a nasty little boy
   who needs to be handcuffed"
Cumbang wav 104K Song clip, quite raunchy
Cupcakes wav 40K "Hey, which one of you cute
   cupcakes wanna give me a bj?"
Cutdat wav 17K "Now cut dat out"
Cutebutt wav 30K "Did you see his cute butt? Woohoo"
Cutitout wav 28K Child saying "You better cut it out right now
   or I'll pound you!"
Cut that out poopyhead wav 73K "Cut that out poopyhead"