*Card Room Sounds*

These wav's were made by players from Iplay and Igames gaming sites.
They were specifically geared toward game play commentary.
The wav's were created in jest and not intended to
disparage or irritate other players!

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1 800 new dealer please wav 18K "1 800 new dealer please"
   Thanks Chick for making this one!
1unglue wav 119K "Alright, you wanna unglue one
   card from the rest of them"
1wannaplay wav 136K "Ok, you don't have to click the
   button, but could you kinda rub it
   a little. The rest of us wanna play"
Bad-piggie wav 88K "Piggie, piggie, bad piggie.
   We wanted that pile!"
Card shuffle wav 71K Shuffling cards noise
Darn pass button stuck again wav 48K "Darn pass button is stuck again"
Eenie Meenie wav 17K "Eenie meenie minie mo, which
   little card should I throw?"
   Thanks Clovisgal for making this one!
Enjoyable Game.wav 21K "Enjoyable game"
Gameend wav 119K Computer animated voice
Game Over wav 439K "That's it man, game over..."
Give That Back wav 68K "Give that back!"
Good game wav 19K "Good game"
Grtcover wav 12K "Great cover"
Have i got the best pard wav 72K    "Have I got the best pard or what?"
Hey Give That Back wav 32K "Hey! give it back. It's mine!
   I wanted it. Give it back, brat!"
   Thanks AnotherDeb for this one!
Hogging all the red 3's wav 63K Same as title
   Thanks Carol for making this one!
I Do Have Meld wav 31K "I do, I do, I do have meld!"
   Thanks Clovisgal for making this one!
It's your turn wav 13K "It's your turn, i'm here for a
   reason, not for a season"
Oinkpilepiggy wav 43K "Let me hear you oink like the
   treacherous deviant pig that you are"
OMG pard CYE's wav 79K "Oh my God pard, cover your eyes"
   Thanks Carol for making this one!
Time to shoot the dealer wav 25K "Time to shoot the dealer"
   Thanks Chick for making this one!
Way to go wav 15K "Way to go partner"
Welcome Back Pard wav 51K "Welcome back pard.
   You gorgeous thing you!"
   Thanks AnotherDeb for this one!
Whoo What A Pard wav 90K "Whooo what a pard!"
Who stacked this deck wav 13K "Who stacked this deck?"
   Thanks Chick for making this one!
You call that playin? wav 7K "You call that playing?"
You Don't Have Meld wav 10K "You don't have the meld, so
   stop counting."
   Thanks Clovisgal for making this one!
Youselfishpig!!!! wav 86K "You selfish pig! You ate all of it.
   Think of all the starving yaks out there."
   (This is AU format but plays in game sites)