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Dammit wav 14K  "Dammit, dammit, son of a bitch"
Damn wav 23K "Damn!"
Dances dirty on the table room wav 299K Mix of song clips
Dancin in the dark wav 166K Song clip from Bruce Springsteen
Dance With My Baby wav 276K Song clip from Madonna
Danger wav 40K Austin Powers "Danger is my middle name"
Dangeroustype wav 320K Song clip by The Cars
Dangerus wav 29K "Now you know just enough to be dangerous"
Dangkeyboardcantspellnothing wav 30K "Dang keyboard can't spell nothing"
Darlin wav 60K Song clip "Darling come here, f**k
   me up the..." cuts off into music
Dave wav 34K "Hi. My name is Dave and I am sexually
Dear Penis wav 697K Funny song
Dedodedo wav 105K Cartoon song clip "The Hamster Dance"
Deepkneebend wav 45K "Can you do a deep knee bend?
   Good, then you can kiss my ass"
Deepussy wav 30K "This is one deep p***y down here"
Defence wav 47K "Automatic defense procedures initiated"
Demented wav 49K "This is what happens when demented
   people play with powerful toys"
Details wav 53K "I want details baby"
   Thanks Miss Hoots for this one!
Devclev wav 15K "Devilishly clever"
Dewme wav 22K "Oh, do me baby"
   Thanks Miss Hoots for this one!
Dhshoots wav 284K Sound clip ending with shooting
   the computer
Dick wav 34K "Yes it's true, this man has no d**k"
DickensCider wav 700K You must have heard this one before
Dicks wav 33K "Well, let's not start sucking each
   others d**ks quite yet. "
Dickride wav 33K Man's version of 'pussyride' wav
Dickwork wav 48K "I don't know why you going home to
   your wife. You got shot in the leg,
   your d**k probably don't even work"
Did it hurt wav 59K "Did it hurt?"
Didn't think I Could wav 21K "Didn't think I could do it, did ya?"
Didn'tDo wav 23K "I didn't do it!"
Didwe wav 92K "When we knew each other did we do
   the do, net the nasty, join loins...?"
Dinner1 wav 203K Girl blowing up dinner says:
   "Honey, dinner's ready"
Dirty deeds done with sheep wav 905K Parody of ACDC's "Dirty Deeds"
Dirtyrat wav 25K "You dirty double crossing rat"
Dirtywords wav 18K A few dirty words said here
Disliking wav 31K "I'm almost of the verge of not
   disliking you"
Disappointment2 wav 28K "This fantasy has been a profound
Doforyou wav 47K "What can I do for you?"
Doglips wav 67K "Yuck, my lips touched dog lips!"
Doh wav 4K "Doh!"
Doihavetotieyoudown wav 21K "Do I have to tie you down to keep
   you quiet?"
Doittome wav 96K "Do it Morris, do it to me now. You're the
   only one who does it the way I like it.
   You're the king."
DoMe wav 74K Song clip from "Humpty Dance"
Don't. wav 14K "Don't do that"
Don't even go there wav 75K "Don't even go there"
Don't fk with me fella's wav 26K "Don't f**k with me fella's"
Don'tFuss wav 45K "Don't fuss"
Dont give me bs wav 41K Song clip from Pink Floyd
   "Don't give me that do goodie goodie
Don't go near it wav 24K "Don't go near it, you don't know
   where it's been"
Don't Got All Day wav 26K "C'mon, I ain't got all day"
Dontknow1 wav 74K Singing "I don't know, can you repeat
   the question?"
Dontlet wav 24K "Don't let the door hit your ass on
   the way out now"
Don't Let Happen Again wav 35K "Don't let it happen again"
Don't make me destroy you wav 51K "Don't make me destroy you"
Don't stop wav 22K Woman saying "Don't stop"
Don't stop2 wav 121K Woman saying "Don't stop" with
   whipping sounds
Dontthnk wav 17K "Don't even think about it cowboy"
Dontuevashadup wav 18K "Don't you ever shut up?"
Dontuse wav 35K "If you can't use it properly, you're
   not to use it at all"
Don't Worry Be Horny wav 587K Parody of "Don't Worry Be Happy"
Doohicky wav 38K "For crying out loud, what's wrong
   with this doohickey thingamajig here?"
Dosomethingbad wav 50K "Stop being such a little girl and do
   something bad for once"
Dothehula wav 39K "What do you want me to do?
   Dress in drag and do the hula?"
Downonit wav 273K Song clip "Get down on it"
Doyoumind wav 46K "Do you mind? We're talking here"
Do You Wanna Funk wav 343K Song clip by Sylvester
Dragon wav 145K "Why don't you just shoot it down my.."
   (sexually explicit)
Dreamin wav 59K "Oh no, it looks like you're dreaming
Dreamlnd wav 19K "It's time to blast off to dreamland"
Drink wav 118K Sound clip of pouring a drink
Drtyprty wav 44K "That's it, this party is getting dirty, I am
   putting on my clothes and going home."
Drugs wav 101K "What'd they give ya? Thorazine etc..
   Know your drugs, it's elementary"
Drunkpig wav 55K "There's nothing worse than getting all
   drunk and waking up next to a pig"
DuckJob wav 389K Daffy getting a bj
Dude wav 30K "Dude, this is pretty f**ked up"
Dukbrn2 wav 80K The killing of Barney the dinosaur
Dumbass wav 25K "Wrong, try again dumbass"
Dumbduck wav 39K "You stupid, son of a bitch"
Dumbshit wav 79K "Look at the screen you dumb shit.
   I am trying to get your attention"
Dumbthing wav 105K Clip from Leave It To Beaver
   "What a dumb thing to do. I bet you
   wouldn't have done anything like this
   if mom and dad were here."
Dummies wav 31K "There seems to be no sign of
   intelligent life anywhere"
Dump wav 77K "I'll be right back, I gotta take a dump"