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Failuretocomm wav 55K "What we've got here is, failure
   to communicate"
Fairshare wav 46K "All I want is what I have coming
   to me"
Fairy wav 23K "Hello, I'm the happy fairy, and I've
   come to beat the shit out of you
   with my happy wand."
Fallen wav 73K "I've fallen and I can't get up"
Famous Last Words wav 46K "What's the last thing a stupid redneck
   says before he dies? Hey y'all, watch this!"
Farmsex wav 241K Raunchy song mix with animal sounds
Fart wav 2K Fart sound
Fatdrunk wav 29K "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to
   go through life son"
Fatmom wav 46K "You'r mother is so fat, she jumped
   up in the air and got stuck"
Favorkill wav 48K "I want you to do me a favor, it's
   not negotiable. Either you do it or I kill you.
   You understand?"
Feeldirty wav 86K "I feel a little dirty, I like it"
Feeling wav 20K "I got a bad feeling about this"
Filesdeleted wav 10K "File's deleted.. muahahaha!"
Filled my quota wav 27K "Hot diggety dog, I filled my quota for
   the day"
Finalans wav 78K "Is that your final answer, or would
   you like to call a friend?"
First Redneck wav 313K Song clip from
   "First Redneck On The Internet"
Fixdrink wav 23K "Going to fix another drink"
Fkmeagan wav 291K Combo of song clips and dirty talk
Fkngidot wav 25K "Personally, I think you're a f**king idiot"
Fknwith wav 41K "Do you know who you're f**king with?"
Fku2 wav 57K A very pissed off man
Flattery wav 28K "I might as well warn you, flattery
   will get you anywhere"
Floor Clothes wav 18K "Honey, make sure you wear your
   floor clothes tonight"
Floorme wav 46K "I would slap you right across the
   face if I didn't think in turn you'd
   floor me"
Flush wav 111K "You are such a little shit" flushing sound
Flycaughtinspiderweb wav 190K Spider crying for help
Follow Me wav 372K Song clip from Uncle Kracker's "Follow Me"
Forgot wav 17K "Oh crap, I forgot!"
For Those Who Bombed Iraq wav 668K Song parody of ACDC
   "For those who bombed Iraq, we salute you"
Frankly wav 129K "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn"
FreakyWithU wav 353K Song clip
   "I wanna get freaky with you"
Freez wav 159K "Freeze MF'er"
FrenchKiss wav 27K A kiss in French
Fridgid wav 26K "She's a cold hearted frigid bitch"
Friendship2 wav 31K "I think this is the beginning of a
   beautiful friendship"
Frigglerazzin wav 72K Someone mumbling "frigglerazzin"
Frisk wav 40K "Stand still while I frisk you"
F***face wav 10K "F**k face!"
F*** you wav 7K "F**k you!"
F***shit wav 37K "I just wanna throw you on the
   bed and f**k the s**t out of you"
Fuq like a bunny wav 68K "I sure do like a woman with nice tits
   like yours who talks tough and looks
   like she can f**k like a bunny"
Funny wav 136K Child laughing
Funnyhow wav 111K Joe Pesci "I'm funny how? Like a clown
   I amuse you? What the f**k is so
   funny about me? Tell me."
Fuq Around wav 899K Song parody of House of Pain's
   "Jump Around"
Fyou wav 21K Shouting of "FU's"
Fyu wav 414K A lot of "FU's"