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Gayass wav 100K Man says: "I'm not gay, but I'll learn"
   Woman says:
   "You're gonna have to not touch my ass"
GBSays wav 38K "Goodbye says it all"
Gdlookin wav 59K "Hey good looking, what ya got
    cooking sir? Sexiness, that's what"
Gee Whiz wav 43K "Gee whiz, what happened that time?"
Geespot wav 128K Girl talking in a sexually explicit manner
Getalife wav 42K "Who gives a shit, get a ****ing life"
Getarise wav 42K "I'm just trying to get a rise out of
   you, that's all. For shits and giggles"
Getlaid wav 22K  "Hey everybody! We're all gonna get
   laid" Rodney Dangerfield
Getnlate wav 9K "It's getting kinda late"
Getoffme wav 40K "Get off of me"
Get outta my chair wav 38K  "Get out of my chair"
GetOverIt wav 83K "There, there now, don't cry. It'll be
   ok. Wipe your eyes. Get over it!"
Getsleep wav 42K "You must get some sleep"
Gettherapy wav 67K "You're too much trouble. Get some
Getting Fatter All the Time wav 681K Beatles song parody
GetYourCuteButtOverHere wav 8K "Get your cute butt over here"
Get Your Tongue wav 15K "Get your tongue outta my mouth"
Giblets wav 86K "Hey, turkey boy. Wanna show me
   your giblets?"
Gimmewav wav 67K "Gimme, gimme the wav files!"
Girlorgy wav 445K Sexually explicit
Givebrk wav 12K "Gimme a break"
GiveItToMeBaby wav 93K Song clip from The Offspring
GiveThatBack wav 68K "Give that back!"
Gnitegtalk wav 72K "Goodbye, it's been great chatting with
Godblessus wav 49K "God bless us, every one"
Go f**k yourself wav 12K "Go f**k yourself"
Goin2hel wav 25K "Aw, you're going straight to hell for
   that one"
Goingin wav 55K "Ok people, we're going in"
Gonnahve3shoes wav 67K "Gonna have 3 shoes. Two on feet,
   one in butt"
Gonnasit wav 86K Raunchy song clip
Goodhurt wav 61K "Explain to me what a good hurt is?"
   a little dirty
Goodlook wav 22K "You are so good looking"
Goodluck wav 6K "Good luck"
Goodmorn wav 61K Old commercial song clip?
   "Good morning to you. Start your
   day off bright and shiny. Get up off your
   little hiney, and begin your happy day"
Goodmrng wav 17K "Good morning dear"
Goodnight baby wav 11K "Goodnight baby, I love you"
GoodnightSwetheart wav 161K Song clip from The Spaniels
   "Goodnight Sweetheart"
Goodpusy wav 95K "I have got a girl who's p***y is so
   good, if you threw it up into the air
   it would turn into sunshine."
Goodwhip wav 78K Sound mix, a few bad words
Goodwill wav 64K "We have come to visit you in peace
   and good will"
GoOut wav 71K "Honey maybe we should go out to
   dinner tonight"
Gorgbutt wav 33K "Gorgeous, It's been too long, get your
   cute little butt in here"
Gorgeous wav 31K "Hello gorgeous"
Goshfun wav 25K "Gosh, this is fun"
Gospank wav 32K "Ok that's it, both of you go to your
   rooms and spank yourselves"
Gotchya wav 4K "Gotcha didn't I ya little sucker"
Gotkids wav 66K "If you think you wanna have kids, go
   to Chucky Cheese one saturday afternoon"
Go to your corner wav 63K "Go to your corner!"
Gotpoint wav 5K "Don't worry, I got your point alright"
Gotsomethingthere wav 44K "I think you've got something there,
   and I'll wait outside til you clean it up"
GottaGoPee wav 15K "Gotta go pee"
Gotta Love Me wav 27K "I'm the baby, gotta love me"
Great Minds wav 38K "You know, great minds do think alike"
Greatness wav 113K Alf "Well listen, I'm ready for a comeback.
   So join me on the road back to
   greatness or at least cable mediocrity"
Greedy wav 94K "I like it, I love it, I want some more of it"
Grizzly wav 116K Song clip "I wish I was a grizzly bear"
Groovy wav 15K "Groovy"
Grrr wav 130K "Grrrrrrr"
Guilty Conscience wav 420K Caught his wife cheating clip from
   Eminem and Dr. Dre's song
Gvmt wav 34K "Guns don't kill people, the government