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HairQueer wav 22K "This hairdo looks so queer"
Happygilmore wav 118K "Alright I'm outta here. I hear that
   asteroid's machine calling my name from
   the gameroom, so peace"
Happyguy wav 36K "I'm not a bad guy, I'm a happy,
   horny guy"
Happy trails wav 213K Song clip from "Happy Trails"
HappyBday wav 119K Nursery music to Happy Birthday
Harder wav 80K An Andrew Dice Clay clip about
   massage's. Nuff said!
Harypusy wav 104K "Eat my p***y. Ahh ptooey, furball"
Hasta la vista baby wav 47K "Hasta la vista, baby" The Terminator
Have a great day wav 38K "Have a great day"
Havesex wav 38K "Shut up. We're trying to have sex
   over here"
Havesex7 wav 29K "I'm gonna go home and have some
Hawksex wav 303K Mix of sexual sound and sond clips
Hctroub wav 34K "Uh oh, here comes trouble"
Headache wav 23K "I got a splittin headache"
Heeelp wav 49K "Help, somebody save me"
Hellobaby wav 23K Clip from The Big Bopper "Hello Baby"
Hello Girlfriend wav 103K Child saying "Helloooo Girlfriend"
Hello-what are you wearing wav 63K "Hello, what are you wearing?"
Help-I'm somewhere were wav 15K Homer Simpson "Help! I'm somewhere
   where I don't know where I am!"
Helpme wav 22K "Help me!"
Help Save Me Pal wav 55K "Help save me pal"
HELPsomebody wav 18K "Help, somebody helppppppppp"
Hemroids wav 40K "I got hemorrhoids bad, my ass is
   killing me. I need help
Hereicometosavetheday wav 25K "Here I come to save the day"
    Clip from Mighty Mouse theme
Hereicum wav 456K Sexually explicit sounds
Herepusy wav 69K Song clip (not raunchy!)
   "Here pussy pussy pussy, where can you
   be. Here pussy pussy pussy,
   come back to me."
Heybaby wav 50K Female saying sexily "Hey baby"
Hey baby4 wav 94K "Hey baby, I want you to give me that
   just f**ked look"
Hey F'n Bite ME wav 32K "Hey, f**king bite me mother f**ker"
Heygoodlooking wav 17K "Hey good looking"
Heyrocky wav 67K "Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit
   outta my hat"
Hey u guys wav 29K Yelling "Hey you guyssssss"
Hickory wav 62K Andrew Dice Clay "Hickory dickory doc..."
HiEveryone wav 8K "Hi everyone"
Highmoan wav 128K Um...moaning
Hihoslvr wav 170K Tonto saying "Hi ho Silver"
Hikskirt wav 86K "Hike up your skirt a little more, show
   the world to me"
Hi Slut wav 71K "What brings you here, you bitch.
   I'm very suprised you brazenly showed
   your face here you slut."
HiSweety wav 24K Hi sweety"
Hitech wav 44K "F**k, shit, these are highly technical
   golf terms"
Hi there big boy wav 28K "Hi there big boy"
HitYou wav 4K "Don't make me have to hit you"
Hmm wav 31K "Hmmmmmmmm"
Hofmhell wav 296K Song clip "I got a hard on from hell"
Holyshit wav 22K "Holy shit!"
Homo wav 125K "Any of you homo's touch me,
   I'll kill ya"
Hooray wav 371K "Sometimes when I am having sex I get
   so happy I just wanna yell horay for this.. "
Hootrhug wav 88K "Wanna give you a big squishy
   hooter hug"
   Thanks Miss Hoots for this one!
Hootrs wav 15K "Nice set of hooters you got there"
Hostilty wav 25K "I'm sensing some hostility here"
Hotline wav 17K "I'm gonna call the psychic hotline,
   they'll know what to do"
Hotparty wav 29K "I never had so much fun in all
   my life"
Hotpus wav 56K "My p***y is hot for you baby,
   I want you now"
Hotter wav 32K "You got me hotter than Georgia.."
   movie clip?
Houstonproblem wav 13K "Houston, we have a problem"
How2Suck wav 140K Girl explaining oral sex
How did i get into this mess wav 22K "How did I get into this mess?"
Howdy wav 18K "Howdy"
Howmayserve wav 26K "How may I serve you?"
Howudoin wav 25K Joey from the tv show Friends
   saying "How you doin?"
Hugfuq wav 94K "I'm gonna huggle f**k you til you
   beg for mercy"
Hugyou wav 83K Child saying "I'm gonna take you
   home and hug you and squeeze you
   and pet you and lock you in a cage
   and keep you forever!"
Hummers(Xrated) wav 268K Parody of LFO's "Summertime"
Hungryor wav 26K "I don't know if I'm hungry or horny"
Hurplease wav 21K Man saying "Hurry please"
Husband wav 20K Husband saying "Are you still playing
   on that damn computer?"