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Be afraid wav 35K Female voice saying
   "Be afraid, be very afraid"
Chainsaw wav 185K Chainsaw sounds
Door wav 61K Sound of a creaking door
Dracula wav 229K Everyone knows this favorite!
   Bach's organ music from "Dracula"
Funeral March wav 300K Clip from Chopin's "Funeral March"
Ghost wav 70K Ghostly sound
Halloween wav 107K Music clip from the movie "Halloween"
HeartBeat wav 153K Sounds of a heartbeat escalating
Howling Wolf wav 22K Howling wolf sounds
Pipe Organ wav 280K Horror movie background music
Pipe Organ And Bassoon wav 154K Horror movie background music
Psycho wav 36K Sound clip from the shower scene in
Redrum wav 97K Movie clip saying "redrum..redrum!"
Scream wav 20K Female screaming
Scream wav 62K Male screaming
Wicked Laugh wav 28K Demonic sounding laugh
Witch wav 7K Witch cackling