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Jackass wav 30K "You suck, you jackass"
Jack squat wav 43K "You're not going to amount to jack squat"
Jane wav 14K "Jane you ignorant slut"
Jeopardy wav 163K The "Jeopardy" music
Jerkoff wav 26K "Go home, jerk off, and that's all
   you're gonna do"
Jerkoff2 wav 11K "You jerkoff"
JFK-my fellow Americans wav 110K John F Kennedy
    "Ask not what your country..."
Jobsucks wav 29K "I gotta tell you, so far this job
Jockjam wav 131K Song clip from Jock Jams
Join a club wav 28K "I've got a good mind to join a club
   and beat you over the head with it"
Jointful Of Cannabis wav 623K Parody of "Spoonfull Of Sugar"
Joking wav 106K "What's the matter with you people,
   I was joking"
Jump Around wav 336K Song clip by House Of Pain
Jumpme wav 50K "I'd like you to take your clothes
   off and jump on me"
Just a cotton pickin minute wav 68K "Just a cotton pickin' minute!"
Just Beautiful wav 38K "That was beautiful, just beautiful"
Just sex wav 50K "The rules are: no small talk, just sex"
Justswallowit wav 16K "Well just swallow it"