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Kansas1 wav 49K "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in
   Kansas anymore"
Kewl wav 10K "Kewl"
Kickass wav 50K "You leave me with no choice, I'm
   gonna have to kick your ass"
Kicknuts wav 48K "How would you like it if kick you in
   the nuts so hard they get lodged in
   your f**king nostrils?" Whoopie Goldberg
Killit wav 102K "You didn't tell me you were gonna
   kill it"
Killya wav 15K "You do that and I'll kill ya"
Killyou wav 19K "I could tell you, but then I'd have
   to kill you"
Killyou2 wav 36K "I don't wanna kill you, but I will"
Kinky wav 44K "Ooooh, kinky. I like"
   Thanks Miss Hoots for this one!
Kinkysex wav 241K Girl talking - sexually explicit
Kisbadly wav 62K "You need kissing badly. That's
   what's wrong with you. You should
   be kissed, and often. and by someone
   who knows how." Gone With The Wind
Kiss wav 13K Kiss sound
Kiss~1 wav 559K Song clip from Exile's "Kiss You All Over"
Kissass wav 79K "Kiss my entire ass"
Kissit wav 25K "I could kiss it and make it better"
Kissme2 wav 45K "Kiss me like I've never been
   kissed before"
Kissmygrits wav 12K "Kiss my grits!"
Kitty wav 21K "What a pussy"
Kitykity wav 275K Song clip "Awww kitty kitty..."
Kma wav 4K "Why don't you kiss my ass"
Knockin on heavens door wav 641K Song clip from Guns-n-Roses
Know what I wanna do wav 142K Mix of sexual song clips including
   excerpts from Kinkysex wav
Kp wav 65K "Kathy, get off the phone"