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La de da wav 78K "Well, la-de-frickin-da"
Laminate wav 38K "I'm gonna have my testicles laminated"
Lapdance wav 27K "Tonight I'm gonna lap dance every
   midget in the house"
LaterGator wav 17K "Later gator"
Laugh wav 37K Sound clip of laughing
Layman wav 119K "To make things more plain and
   simple to the layman, I am totally
   and completely on his d**k"
Learngolf wav 17K "I gotta learn how to play golf"
Less Talk wav 25K "Less talk and more action"
Letgood wav 69K "Let the good times roll"
Letmelickin wav 49K "Let me give you a lickin"
   Thanks Miss Hoots for this one!
Let me out wav 118K "Excuse me, can you let me out of here"
Letsbang wav 290K Raunchy song clip
Let's be civilized wav 16K "Let's be civilized about this"
Letsdoit wav 8K "Let's do it"
Letsf**k wav 142K Mix of voice and song clip edits
Lets get drunk and screw wav 393K Song clip
   "Why don't we get drunk and screw"
Letsgo wav 32K "Let's go"
Letsgo2 wav 322K Song clip
   "I like the nightlife baby, let's go"
LetsGoBackToMyRoom wav 102K Song clip "Boom boom boom
   let's go back to my room so we
   can do it all night and you can make
   me feel right"
Lets Party wav 8K "Let's party"
Lickcarpet wav 36K "My mom said if you wanna become
   a lesbian you have to lick carpet"
   Cartman - South Park
Lickher wav 52K Man talking dirty
Lickme2 wav 63K "Lick me baby"
   Thanks Miss Hoots for this one!
Lickyou wav 64K "All I can think about is putting
   that ice in my mouth and licking
   you all over"
Lie wav 28K "I gotta think of a lie fast"
Lifeshort wav 38K "I can't be bothered with all this,
   life's too short"
Likeanut wav 42K "Sometimes you feel like a nut,
   sometimes you don't"
Like-it-loveit wav 48K Song clip
   "I like it, I love it, I want some more of it"
Likit wav 209K  Song clip
   "You gotta lick it, before you kick it"
Likwrong wav 82K "You can lick a woman's p***y
   wrong for five years and she won't tell ya.
   But she'll tell everybody elseeeeee"
Lilpusy wav 85K "I love little pussies, their coat is so
   warm" Ha! this is a cartoon clip
Livefast wav 22K "Live fast, die young, have a good
   looking corpse"
Liposuction wav 737K Song parody (cute wav)
Lipspred wav 59K Dirty talk
Listen wav 27K "Why doesn't anyone listen to me"
Listen2 wav 31K "Listen asshole, I am not in the
   f**ging mood"
LMAO wav 161K "Laughing my ass off"
LOL wav 22K Lots of laughing
Long Kiss wav 75K A very long kissing sound
Longtnge wav 86K "Nice long tongue you got there.
   You ever do anything interesting with it?"
Lookatmego wav 131K Song clip from Jock Jams
   "Whoop there it is..hey look at em go"
Looking4amandahugnkiss wav 248K Bart Simpson prank call
   "Looking for Amanda Hug-n-kiss"
Lookinup wav 67K "Things are looking up"
Lose wav 62K "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"
Loser wav 32K "That guy was an annoying, greasy
   head loser"
Lostsnse wav 33K "Don't tell me you lost your sense
   of humor already"
Loveguy wav 32K "I tell ya, I love this guy"
Lovethat wav 37K "Hmmm, I love that"
   Thanks Miss Hoots for this one!
Lovetoy wav 54K "Get down on your knees my little
   love toy, you know what to do"
Lowrcaps wav 50K "Lower your caps, do it fast, before
   I stick the keyboard into your ass"
Luckpunk wav 62K "You get to ask yourself one question.
   Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?
   Clint Eastwood
Luvbite wav 28K "Honey I love you, but bite me"
Lv2cu wav 39K "Lovely to see you again my friends"
Lvpotty wav 34K "I have to go potty, I'll be right back"