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@#$%@@# wav 77K Homer Simpson throwing a fit
12inches wav 164K "Any man with such a strong name and
   strong body has exactly what I need."
   "And what's that?"
   "12 inches"
1 bend over wav 16K "Okay, bend over"
1canbeer[1] wav 53K "Aww, there's only one can of beer
   left, and it's Bart's"
1few wav 46K "Be one of the few, the proud,
   the Marines"
1handsex wav 60K "What I really want to know about
   cybersex is how do you type with just
   one hand?"
1of-days wav 97K "Ever have one of those days you get
   so mad you would like to explode?"
1rofl wav 224K Lots of laughing
1stdate wav 274K Song "Do you f**k on first date..."
1stsex wav 57K "Don't you ever wish you could
   have sex with the first person you
   ever had sex with. Just to show them
   how good you got?"
1-yoass wav 6K "Don't make me break my foot
   off in your ass"
2ASPRINA wav 106K "I found a new way to get laid. I
   come home 4 o'clock in the morning
   my wife laying there with her mouth
   wide open. I pop 2 aspirins in her mouth,
   she wakes up, spits them out and
   says what's this? I say 2 aspirins.
   She said why? I don't got a headache.
   I said good, wanna f**k?"
2bedwego wav 832K Snow White parody
   "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to bed we go.."
2cents wav 70K "As long as everone insists on
   offering their valuable f**king opinion
   I might as well put my 2 cents in."
2dogdare wav 5K "I double dog dare ya"
2legs wav 56K "I'll have 2 legs, a thigh and a
   breast. At my age it's the only action
   I can get."
2sxyfart wav 246K Song clip from Right Said Fred's
   "I'm Too Sexy" with fart sounds
3steps wav 27K "You would need 3
promotions to get to be an
32dohs[1] wav 173K Doh doh doh... Homer Simpson
3biglies wav 832K Three Big Lies
   Raunchy country song
3blind mice wav 151K Andrew Dice Clay
3hands wav 43K "Baby, you make me wish I had
   three hands"
3inch wav 273K Song parody "Only Got A 3 Inch Tool"
3rdRock wav 72K "Welcome to earth 3rd rock
   from the sun"
3yrsold wav 176K 3 year old singing "You're my honey
   bunch sugarplums..."
44elmo wav 134K Shooting Elmo with a 44
49%bitch wav 149K "I'm 49% bitch, 51% sweetheart
   so don't push it"
4give-me wav 55K "Please forgive me, I know not what I do"
4head wav 33K "Excuse me. Do I have f**k you
   written on my forehead?"
4rubbers wav 34K "You're like a race car, you
burn 4 rubbers a night"
4uor2u wav 59K "If there's anything I can do for you,
   or to you let me know ok?"
^5 wav 87K Song clip "Cause I got one hand
   in my pocket and the other one is
   giving the high five"
$5fineforwhining wav 86K Song clip
   "We got a 5 dollar fine for whining..."
50 ways to eat your lover wav 378K Song parody
   50 Ways To Eat Your Lover
5hrfck wav 17K "To hell with a 3 day kiss, let's
   have a 5 hour f**k."
5oclock wav 86K "It's 5 o'clock in the am, you've just
   pissed on a dumpster, It's Miller time"
69 wav 355K A Navy parody
911 wav 42K "Call 911, call 911!"
911chngd wav 18K "911 has been changed to a
   non-published number"
9inches wav 52K "She asked me to give her 9 inches
   and make it hurt. So I f**ked her 3 times
   and punched her in the mouth."