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~~~December 2004~~~

Coming soon!

I apologize for letting the content on this site get outdated but
I have just been busy and had no time. Thanks for all
the emails in support of this site and the patience you have all had.
There will be additions coming very soon with new and updated material.
Once again my apologies. Meri

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Full Metal Jacket - Rated R

Hard On wav 30K Sergeant Hartman:
   "God has a hard on for Marines,
   it's because we kill everything we see."
Scumbag wav 5K Sergeant Hartman:
   "What's your name scumbag?"
Who Said That wav 25K Sergeant Hartman:
   "Who the fuck said that? Who is the
   slimy little communist shit twinkle toed
   cock sucker down here who just signed
   his own death warrant?"

Lord Of The Rings
Fellowship Of The Ring - Rated PG13

9 Companions wav 27K Lord Elron:
   "Nine companions. So-be-it. You shall be
   the fellowship of the ring."
Face Evil wav 24K Arwen to Aragorn:
   "Your time will come. You will face the
   same evil and you will defeat it."
Stupidity wav 9K Gandalf to Pippin:
   "Throw yourself in next time and
   rid us of your stupidity"

Pulp Fiction - Rated R

English wav 7K Jules:
   "English mother fucker, do you
   speak it?"
Fat Man wav 11K Jules:
   "Shut the fuck up fat man. This ain't
   none of your God damned business."
Miracle wav 32K Jules to Vincent:
   "We should be fucking dead my friend.
   What happened here was a miracle and
   I want you to fuckingn acknowledge it.
   "Alright, it was a miracle, can we go now?"
   Pulp Fiction
Repugnant wav 18K Jules:
   "Oh man, I will never forgive your ass
   for this. This is some fucked up
   repugnant shit."