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   !PageingPartner.wav 48K    Same as title
   pakerena.wav      1.1M    Adult parody of "Macarena"
   panties.wav      34K    "I can't believe I gave my panties to
   a geek"
     52K    "Due to mature adult content..."
   parental2.wav      26K    "Due to some violent content..."
   partypal.wav      69K    "Welcome to the party pal"
   pathet.wav      17K    "This is truly pathetic"
   pathetic.wav      43K    "Man, you are one pathetic loser"
   paw.wav      337K    "...Paw's done shot the AOL again"
   pecker.wav      277K    Raunchy song clip from??
   peckerd.wav      46K    "I'm hornier than a 5 peckered billy
   Thanks Miss Hoots for this one!
   peepants.wav      51K    "You ain't cool unless you pee your
   peggysue.wav      267K    Song clip from Buddy Holly
   penis.wav      45K    "I fell on my penis, call an
   The Penis Song.wav      351K    Monty Python's comedy clip
   penny.wav      55K    "Why is it a penny for your thoughts
   but you have to put your 2 cents in?
   Somebody's making a penny"
   Pepe_Ahh 23erty.wav      23K    Pepe le Peu talking in French
   Pepe_Love at first
     34K    Same as title
   Pepe_Oh no.wav      8K    Same as title
   Pepe_The best things of life
   are worth waiting for.wav
     41K    Same as title
   Pepe_Where are you
     11K    Same as title
   peplepeu.wav      147K    Pepe le Peu smooching
   perrier.wav      115K    "Except for Perrier here, I had to
   stop drinking alcohol..."
   a few bad words
   pesci.wav      184K    "Say F.U. at the drive thru..."
   petnames.wav      777K    Parody of Billy Joel's
   "We Didn't Start The Fire"
   piason.wav      173K    Italian language lesson
   Pick Em.wav      133K    Song clip, "The Gambler"
   piece of cake.wav      42K    Same as title
   pieceome.wav      41K    Same as title
   pigcrap.wav      58K    "That has got to be the most
   ridiculous load of pig crap I have
   ever seen"
   piglet.wav      16K    "Oh dear"
   pileofshit.wav      20K    "That is one big pile of shit"
   Pinesol.wav      86K    Nastly little quip
   pissed.wav      65K    "I am so pissed off right now"
   pisses.wav      23K    "This really pisses me off to no end"
   pissmeoff.wav      16K    "Are you trying to piss me off?"
   plasticjesus.wav      192K    Song clip
   Play-die.wav      55K    "Time to play, time to die"
   playme.wav      461K    Sound mix about sex, no bad words
   playtime2.wav      450K    Another mix, sexually related but pretty clean
     438K    Parody of Sisqo's "Thong Song"
   pleasure.wav      65K    "I'll pleasure you at any time, in any
   way, for as long as you desire"
   plezure.wav      61K    "Will you give me oral pleasure?"
   Thanks Miss Hoots for this one!
   plopplopfizzfizz.wav      70K    Same as title, sorta
   Pms.wav      113K    "I do not have PMS"
   pmsandagunsowatchit.wav      96K    Same as title, sorta
   pmsblues.wav      183K    Dolly Parton? song clip
   pmsing RUN4IT.wav      97K    This woman sure is PMSing
   porky.wav      15K    "That's all folks"
   Porky SOB.wav      82K    Cute wav
   poshell.wav      67K    Not sure of this one
   poundyou.wav      28K    "You better cut it out right now or
   I'll pound you"
   prettyamazing.wav      23K    "I am pretty amazing"
   prize_tits.wav      89K    "I'm going to award the first prize
   this evening to the girl..."
   promqueen.wav      53K    "Loser's always whine about
    their best, winners go home
    and #@$% the prom queen"
   (Sean Connery)
   prozac.wav      138K    "I honestly think you aught to sit
   down calmly, take a stress pill and
   think things over"
   psycho.wav      22K    Opening music from "Psycho"
   pubhair.wav      235K    Funny wav about why Oriental men
   talk the way the do
   PubicHair.wav      620K    Chipmunks parody of
   "Thank God I'm A Country Boy"
   pudytat.wav      37K    "I thought I saw a putty tat"
   PUKERUP.wav      27K    "This is where you pucker up and
   kiss my ass"
   PUNTBABE.wav      28K    "How dare they punt a babe like
   Purring.wav      130K    Slighly dirty mix
   push.wav      8K    Same as title
   Push Push-(In The
     194K    Song clip by Musique
   !!pushthebuttonplease.wav      19K    "Just push that button"
   pussy1.wav      104K    Um, don't know what to say about
   this one
   Putasock.wav      61K    "Oh for heavens sake, put a sock
   in it"
   puterluv.wav      243K    Song clip
   !Put It In Your Mouth.wav      343K    Raunchy song clip from Akinyele

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