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Radaol wav 803K Funny radio show about AOL
Rdwife wav 115K "The other day I called up my wife. I said
   honey I was thinking about the last time
   we had sex and was gettin all excited.
   She said:who is this?" Rodney Dangerfield
Rdy2play wav 17K "I'm ready to play"
Reach for the sky wav 104K "Reach for the sky. This town ain't
   big enough for the both of us. Somebody
   has poisoned the water hole."
Reachyou wav 20K "If I could reach you, I would hurt you"
Read my lips wav 44K "Read my lips."
Ready2 wav 6K "Are you ready?"
Readyforthis wav 163K Jock Jams song clip mix
Rebel wav 32K "Just doin' the rebel yell here to kick
   things off"
Redneckgirl wav 28K Song clip "Gimme a, gimme a.
   gimme a redneck girl"
Rednecks wav 113K Eddie Murphy "Ok listen up. I don't
   like white people, I hate rednecks.
   You people are rednecks. That means I'm
   enjoying this shit."
Redridinghood wav 194K "Hey little miss Riding Hood, you sure
   are looking good. You're everything
   a big bad wolf could want.""
Reeces wav 56K "There's no wrong way to eat a
Relaxt wav 32K "Relax toots, don't get your panties
   in a bunch"
Reputat wav 30K "I have my reputation to think of
   you know"
Restroom wav 280K "Pardon me, may I have the keys to
   the ladies room..." funny wav
Rocketsci wav 57K "I never said I was a rocket scientist"
Rocknite wav 74K Song clip "I wanna rock and roll all
   night, and party every day"
Rocku wav 258K "We Will Rock You" clip by Queen
RodeoSong wav 792K An oldie but goodie
Roflmao wav 79K "Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off"
Rumble wav 109K "Let's get ready to rumble"
Ruready wav 49K "Are you ready for me?"