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Say Hello wav 280K Al Pacino from Scarface
   "Say hello to my little friend."
Saynomore wav 21K "Say NO more"
Saywhat wav 51K "Jesus Christ who the f**k do you
   think you're talking to?"
Sayyourprayers wav 5K "Say your prayers varment"
Sballs05 wav 27K "Come back you fat bearded bitch!"
Scat wav 79K "Scat, skidaddle, adios..."
Screwme wav 42K "Well first he screws me, then he
   screws you. It's dutch door action"
Screwy wav 27K Elmer Fudd saying
   "There's something screwy around here"
Screwyerself1 wav 50K "On the other hand, go screw
Scumsuck wav 44K "You're an invertabrate scumsucker
   who's morals dipstick is about two
   drops short of bone dry"
Seduce wav 124K "I am not trying to seduce you.
   Would you like me to seduce you?
   Is that what you're trying to tell me?"
See ya sexy wav 28K "See ya sexy!"
Senshumr wav 13K "Where's your sense of humor?"
Servicewithasmile wav 10K "Service with a smile"
Settraps wav 57K "It's a medical fact, men say what
   they mean. Women set traps to see
   if you can guess what they mean"
Seven11 wav 228K Parody of "Stairway To Heaven"
Sex101 wav 231K Beavis and Butthead clip
Sexbeer wav 236K Ad for "Sex Beer"
Sexcheck wav 38K "Boys have a penis, girls have
   a vagina"
Sexpleas wav 56K Austin Powers saying "Sex please"
Sexual harrassment wav 66K "Define sexual harrassment to me."
   "Well simply put, sexual harassment
   is any unwanted sexual advance."
   "That's every sexual advance I make!"
Sexymama wav 110K "Hot sexy momma"
Sexything wav 51K "You sexy thing, I want you now"
   Thanks Miss Hoots for this one!
Shameonyou wav 41K "Shame on you, you macho shithead"
Shampoo wav 920K A commercial parody
Shoothim wav 17K "If he does that again you can
   shoot him"
Shortnin wav 604K Full song "Shortnin' Bread"
ShoulntLaugh wav 60K "We shouldn't laugh"
Shout wav 374K Song clip "You make me wanna shout"
Shrtdk wav 305K "Don't want no short d**k man..."
Shut up wav 46K "Just when I think you've said the
   stupidest thing, you keep talking"
Shut up2 wav 32K "Is it possible for you to shut the
   f**k up for 10 seconds?"
Shutyourhole wav 20K "I said, shut you hole!"
Sick wav 22K "I think I shall now be sick"
Simpsons wav 199K Flintstones parody
Sitonlap wav 42K "May I sit on your lap? (boing noise)
Sit On My Face wav 107K Navy song parody?
Sixties wav 52K "Oh my God, you're from the sixties"
Skullf**** wav 40K "I will gouge out your eyeballs
   and skull f**k you"
Slap wav 9K "Sometimes you have to slap them in
   the face to get their attention"
Slapemgood wav 63K Slap wav with repeated slapping
Slip wav 65K "Wouldn't you like to slip into
   something a little more comfortable?
   something like me, maybe?"
Smartass wav 51K "You are such a f**king smartass"
Smokin wav 32K Jim Carey from The Mask saying
Smooch wav 47K "Mmmmmmwahhhh"
Smooth wav 27K "Damn we're smooth"
Snore wav 17K Snoring sounds
Snowma~1 wav 487K Song clip from
   "Who Put the d**k on the Snowman"
So Crappy Together wav 504K Parody of "Happy Together"
Sob wav 12K "Wake up you SOB"
Sob3 wav 24K "Son of a bitch must pay"
Sodomizer wav 749K Advertisement parody
   "If you're planning and extended
   stay in prison, buy the Sodomizer..."
Sodomy wav 15K "I'm not the one who just got
   butt f**ked"
Solo Sex wav 425K "Soloflex" parody
Sombitch wav 39K "You stupid SOB"
Sometimes WTF wav 32K "Sometimes you gotta say,
   what the f**k?"
Sonbitch wav 42K Porky Pig trying to say
   "Son of a bitch"
Sorry wav 90K The Three Stooges
   "I'm sorry Moe."
   "Think nothing of it." (hitting noise)
Sosorry wav 303K A lenghthy apology
Sourcecode wav 113K "I'm a little source code short and
   stout. This is my input, this is my out"
Spankme wav 176K "Can you spank me?"
   "Sure can baby"
Spectacl wav 22K "You're making a spectacle of
SpeedRacer wav 654K Speed Racer and Trixie having sex
Speedy Hello PT Looking wav 25K Speedy Gonzales saying
   "Hello pussycat, you looking for me?"
Speedy I give up wav 32K Speedy Gonzales saying
   "Ok you win. I give up. I stop."
Spock wav 171K Answering machine message:
   "Greetings, this is science officer Spock.
   Currently there are no life forms
   available to take your call. But at
   the prearranged audio signal please
   feel free to leave any verbal
   communications you feel necessary.
   Live long and prosperous"
Stamp wav 50K "Treat me like a postage stamp.
   Lick me, stick me, just don't send
   me away."
Stckass wav 18K "Stick it in my ass"
Stepaside wav 16K "Stand aside wussies"
STFU wav 143K Song clip by Limp Bizkit
Stifle wav 24K "Will you stifle?"
Strip4u wav 639K "Baby take of your coat, real slow...
   clip from "You Can Leave Your Hat On"
Stripper wav 167K Instrumental song clip
Subject wav 41K "I have an excellent idea, let's
   change the subject"
Sucblo wav 26K "Hey everyone, let's play
Suckface wav 39K "Oh that, or would you rather
   just suck face"
SUCKMYP wav 61K "You wanna suck my p***y?"
Suckout wav 23K "Suck it out of me baby"
Sucks2beu wav 48K "Sucks to be you"
Sucotash wav 39K "Suffering succotash, geez"
Surprise wav 29K Gomer Pyle
   "Well suprise suprise suprise"
Suxass wav 30K "Excuse me but I do believe that
   sucked ass" Cartman
SwallowIt wav 16K "Swallow it and STFU"
Sweet wav 67K "Sweet mother of God, what is
   the holdup?"
Swtpussy wav 107K "Oh baby, you've got the
   sweetest p***y in the whole world"