*Sound Bytes*

Most of these files are short sounds which are somewhat
   hard to describe in depth. They are small enough to download
   to find one to fit any individuals needs.

Click the to begin downloading the selected file.

12shots wav 18K Gun shot sounds
105mm wav 22K Gun shot sound
357mag wav 9K Gun shot sound
Ambul wav 70K Ambulance siren
Argh wav 17K Argh sound
Blip wav 1K Blip noise
Boing5 wav 12K Boing noise
Bughorn wav 14K Bughorn sound
CarBeep wav 13K Car beeping
Carstarting wav 34K Car starting
Cashregister wav 28K Cash register
Chainsaw wav 36K Chainsaw noise
Clackson wav 35K Clackson noise
Clapping wav 14K Clapping sounds
Comp1 wav 45K Computer noise
Comp5 wav 9K Computer noise
Comp21 wav 19K Computer noise
Comp22 wav 5K Computer noise
Comp24 wav 11K Computer noise
Comp26 wav 5K Computer noise
Comp29 wav 14K Computer noise
Comp37 wav 7K< Computer noise
Comp47 wav 31K Computer noise
Comp71 wav 9K Computer noise
Comp87 wav 12K Computer noise
Comp90 wav 58K Computer noise
Comp103 wav 26K Computer noise
Comp112 wav 7K Computer noise
Computer3 wav 14K Computer noise
Cookoo wav 7K Cuckoo clock sound
Crash1 wav 27K Car crashing
Crash7 wav 40K Crashing sound
Doorbell wav 7K Doorbell sound
Fart wav 2K Fart sound
Fathom wav 20K Submarine sound
Foghorn wav 104K Foghorn sound
Grrr wav 15K Person growling
Heart wav 34K Sound of heartbeats
Horn wav 9K Horn sound
Horn2 wav 8K Horn sound
Intel wav 35K The "Intel" sound
Moo wav 6K Mooooo sound
Musical wav 7K Musical sound
Musical3 wav 13K Musical sound
Musical8 wav 6K Musical sound
Musical9 wav 19K Musical sound
Musical14 wav 3K Musical sound
Noengine wav 20K Engine not starting
Phone wav 7K Phone ringing sound
Phone2 wav 11K Phone ringing sound
Phone6 wav 5K Phone ringing sound
Pop wav 4K Pop noise
Skids wav 23K Skidding sound
Sound2 wav 9K Computer type sound
Sound3 wav 2K Computer type sound
Sound4 wav 3K Computer type sound
TADA wav 8K AOL "Tada" sound
Toon21 wav 12K Cartoon type sound
Toon23 wav 11K Cartoon type sound
Toon26 wav 9K Cartoon type sound
Toon27 wav 5K Cartoon type sound
Uhoh wav 5K ICQ message sound
Uzi wav 33K Uzi shots being fired
Whoosh wav 7K Whoosh noise
Wiggle wav 3K Cowbell type sound