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Tadacrap wav 101K "Tada! Crap"
Tainted Love wav 176K Song clip by Soft Cell
Takeclothes wav 49K "Take these f**king clothes off me
Takeme wav 15K "Take me to heaven big boy, I wanna
   go with"
Takeonme wav 480K Song clip by Aha
Takin a shit wav 175K "You know I ain't the smartest man in
   the world but from over here look
   like you taking a shit..."
Takin' so long wav 37K "This is nerve racking, what's taking
   so long?"
Talk to the hand wav 68K "Talk to the hand"
Talksex wav 44K Song clip "Let's talk about sex baby"
Tastethis wav 32K "Don't ever hand me food and say"
   "taste this, see if it's bad"
TB An admirer wav 30K Tweety Bird saying
   "I've got a secret admirer"
TB Awww fall down wav 32K Tweety Bird saying
   "Awww poor fall down"
TB Bad putty wav 14K Tweety Bird saying
   "Bad old Putty tat"
TB Bath wav 80K Tweety Bird saying "Singing in the tub,
   happy once again..."
TB Besore wav 30K Tweety Bird "Oh, puddy tat gonna
   be sore when he wake up"
TB Doody wav 33K Tweety Bird saying
   "Doody, doody a surprise"
TB Enh hello wav 96K Tweety Bird
TB Helpme2 wav 49K Tweety Bird saying "Help, help!
   Somebody save me"
TB I did taw putty tat wav 29K Tweety Bird saying
   "I did, I did taw a putty tat"
TB I taw a putty tat wav 19K Tweety Bird saying
   "I taw a putty tat"
TB I thought wav 3K weety Bird "I thought I saw a putty tat"
TB Kiss wav 88K Tweety Bird saying
   "Tweet tweet tweet, kiss me,
   kiss me..."
TB Kiss little birdy wav 18K Tweety Bird saying
   "Kiss the little birdie"
TB Wonder putty tat wav 26K Tweety Bird saying
   "I wonder what that putty tat's up
   to now"
Tell it to my heart wav 233K  Song clip by Taylor Dayne
Tgif wav 142K Song clip from
   "Thank God it's friday"
Thanks wav  26K "Oh thanks loads honey"
Thanku wav 55K Song clip "Thank you for being a friend"
Thankyoulittle wav 16K "Well thank you very little"
That's all folks! wav 15K Porky Pig "That's all folks"
Thatsthewayilikeit wav 138K Song clip by KC and the Sunshine Band
Theline wav  292K Song clip "It's been you, woman,
   right down the line"
Themiss wav 62K "Hey what a dish doc...hubba, hubba"
The price is wrong wav 21K "The price is wrong bitch" (Adam Sandler?)
They are unstable wav 44K "They are totally unstable"
They're Coming To Take Me Away wav  498K Song by NapoleonXIV.
   "They're coming to take me away ha ha"
Thingsmakeuhum wav 27K "Things that make you go hummm"
Thinkimp wav 86K "The following program is closed
   captioned for the thinking impared"
Think u got enough hd wav 75K "Think you got enough hard drive and ram?"
This some f**ked up shit wav 65K "This is some f**ked up shit."
This ya gotta see wav 17K "This you got to see."
Thksalot wav 28K "Gee thanks a lot pal"
Throb1 wav 272K Song about a woman looking for
   "A heat seeking, moisture missile.
   A tallywhacker, a meat whistle.."
Tiemeup wav 25K "You wanna tie me up with some of
   your ties?"
Tigger wav 153K  "The wonderful thing about tiggers..."
   from Winnie The Pooh
Til I make u stop wav 235K Female narrating what she wants
   "...til I make you stop"
Tim2play wav 50K "Time to play."
TimeToKickUsSomeButt wav 6K "Time to kick some butt."
Tingle wav 25K "Well I guess that makes our naughty
   parts tingle"
Tittyf**k wav 191K Raunchy little parody of "Kansas City"
Titwiggle wav 70K "Damn, I love the way your tits wiggle
   when you laugh""
Toast wav 56K "Allright, this chick is toast"
Toescurl wav 81K "Hey sexy, c'mere and gimme one of
   those kisses that make my toes curl"
   Thanks Miss Hoots for this one!
Toomuchinfo wav 33K "That is way too much information"
Toosexy wav  414K Song clip "I'm too sexy"
   by Right Said Fred
Toosilly wav 54K "This is getting too silly"
Touchme wav 61K "I warn you, touch me again and the
   consequences will be dire"
Touchmebabe wav 79K Song clip by The Doors
   "C'mon c'mon, now touch me babe"
Touchmyself wav 62K "When I think about you, I touch myself"
Tough Noogies wav 13K "Tough noogies"
TreatNice wav 41K "You treat me nice and I'll treat you nice.
   You treat me mean and I'll ignore you"
Trouble wav 12K "See all the trouble you started?"
Tryingtothink wav 29K "I'm trying to think but nuttin happens"
Tstupill wav 20K "Did you all take stupid pills this morning?"
Ttfn wav 22K "Ta-ta for now"
Turnmeon wav 46K "I was waiting for you to turn me on like that"
   Thanks Miss Hoots for this one!
Turn The Page wav 699K Song clip by Bob Seger
Turnuon wav 99K Song clip "I'd love to turn you on"
Twisted wav 39K "Ok, you twisted my arm"
Tylenol wav 528K Lot's of insults. This guy needs a