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Vaderjob wav 112K Darth Vader getting a bj
Vagina Song wav 755K Monty Python's "The Vagina Song"
Vanished.wav wav 115K "Heavens to mergatroid, he vanished
   into skinny air, disappeared even"
Veryintr wav 18K "Very interesting"
Verysmart wav 41K "Either very smart or incredibly stupid"
Viagra wav 160K "Here's some viagra for you
   honey..." mixed with sound clips
Viberpair wav 10K "Oh thank God, vibrator repair"
Vibrator wav 56K Sounds of a woman moaning
Virgin wav 83K "If you're a virgin with hormones
   surgin', keep on your undies and
   call Bud Bundy"
VryFunny wav 41K "Ho ho, very funny"