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Wacko wav 149K Joe Pesci? "You know what you should do,
   try a little more F**king and a little less eating.
    You won't have troubles upstairs in your bedroom
   and you won't take it out on me and everyone
   else. You understand you f**king whacko.."
Wait wav 27K "Wait Doc wait. I wanna ask ya something"
Waiting for a girl like you wav 615K Song clip from Foreigner
Wait longer wav 78K "If I'm not back in 5 minutes, just wait longer"
Wake up wav 20K "Wakeeeee uppppppp!"
Wanna be ur teddy bear wav 647K Song clip by Elvis
   "I wanna be your teddy bear"
Want pussy wav 80K Song clip
   "I said hey, we want some pussy"
Want your sex wav 197K Song clip by George Michaels
   "I want your sex.."
Warn1 wav 38K "Warning! Warning! Warning!"
   from Lost In Space
Warned2 wav 48K "I warned you but did you listen to
   me? Oh noooo"
Warn you wav 31K "It's only fair to warn you, I know
   Karate" Fred Flintstone
Wass up wav 54K "Waaassss uppppp"
Wav beg wav 42K "I like that wav. At least I would if I
   could hear it"
Way Idaho wav 18K "Way to go I-da-ho"
Weakest link wav 25K "You are the weakest link. Goodbye"
We be bad wav 200K "We be baaaaaaad"
Webs wav 85K "Oh the tangled webs we weave,
   when we practice to deceive"
We Buy The Tampons wav 1M Parody of "We Are The Champions"
Weed wav 13K Song clip "Smoke weed everyday" by Dr Dre
Weird area wav 21K "I think we're getting into a weird
   area here"
Welcome back wav 15K "Hi ho and welcome back"
Welcome back my friend wav 57K Song clip "Welcome back my friends
   to the show that never ends..."
Went over your head wav 36K "You're built too low. The fast ones
   go over your head"
We're fckd wav 94K "The lawyer tells me he can get me
   outta this mess. But he's pretty sure,
   you're f**ked"
We're on a mission from god wav 30K Blues Brothers
   "We're on a mission from God"
Werk it wav 533K Song clip by?
Wet pants wav 25K "I'm laughing so hard I can wet my pants"
Whack pp wav 72K "We must make sure that you never
   appear here again. Bailiff, whack his pee-pee"
Whack ya wav 11K "It's ok. I wasn't really gonna whack ya"
What1 wav 21K "What would you do with a brain if
   you had one?"
What a pussy wav 21K "What a pussy"
Whatcha Like wav 133K Song clip "Tell me whatya like,
   a whole lot of foreplay right before
   the deed is done..."
Whatcha want wav 103K Song clip from The Spice Girls
Whatever wav 14K "Watever!"
Whats going on wav 132K Song clip "I said hey.. what's going on"
What smell wav 62K (sniffing) "Hey, what's that smell?"
What Colonel Sanders wav 38K "What's the matter Colonel Sanders?
   You chicken?"
Whats up doc wav 25K Bugs Bunny "What's up doc?"
What's your fantasy wav 253K Song clip "I wanna lick lick you from
   your head to your toes and I wanna.."
Whatthehell wav 15K "What the hell are you talking about?"
What up to wav 5K "Let's see what he's up to"
Wheee wav 68K "Wheeeeeee. What a predicament"
When a Man Loves a Chicken wav 1M Song parody of "When A Man Loves
   A Woman"
When I get you all alone wav 246K Song clip by Soul Decision
When im good wav 45K "When I'n good, I'n good.
   When I'm bad, I'm better"
Where'd i put my teeth wav 12K "Where'd I put my teeth?
   I want to bite you v^^v"
Whip me wav 50K "Whip me nowww"
White wedding wav 200K Song clip by Billy Idol
Whoa3 wav 12K "Whoa"
Whoa-I'm getting a boner wav 47K "Whoa, I'm getting a boner."
   by Beavis and Butthead
Who Are You wav 57K "Who are you?"
Whoa-ur right wav 25K "Whoa, you're right"
Whocanitbe wav 645K Song clip from Men At Work
Who do you need wav 586K Song clip "Who do you need,
   who do you love. When you come undone?
Whoop-de-friggin-do wav 68K "Well whoo-de-friggin-do
Whoop there it is wav 253K Song clip "Whoop there it is"
Who Put The Dick wav 371K Funny Chritmas song
   "Who Put The Dick On The Snowman?"
Who's on 1st wav 457K Comedy skit by Abbott and Costello
W H Ploughboy wav 374K "Well Hung Plowboy"
   Parody from Rodney Rude.
   Thanks to Ryan from Australia for this one!
Why can't we be friends wav 197K Song clip from Smash Mouth
Wife wav 126K "What are you still doing in that computer?
   "I'm sorry baby but.."
    Do you know what time it is?"
   "No.." "Come to bed" "ok"
Wifesop wav 28K "At least, that's my wifes opinion,
   and she couldn't be wrong"
Wigglymy wav 86K "It's on your face I'm gonna sit.
   You can wiggle, you can jiggle your
   tongue in my c**t""
Wildmixx wav 200K Sexual mix of music and voice clips
Wilustop wav 14K "Will you stop?"
Windof~1 wav 202K Song clip from "Wind Of Change"
Wipeme wav 96K Grown man saying
   "Mommy come wipe me. I'm done"
Wishing wav 432K Song clip
   "Wishing for you on a falling star..."
Withoutu wav 84K Song clip by U2
   "I can't live, with or without you"
With Pleasure wav 272K "With pleasure"
Wlfwhist wav 19K Whisling
Woke up this morning wav 768K Song clip from Alabama 3
   (theme song from the Soprano's)
Wolfsex3 wav 160K Song clip and sound mix
Woman1 wav 109K "Oh that woman. Got a mouth like an
   outboard motor. All the time putt putt putt"
Woman Song wav 852K Funny song titled The Woman Song
Women wav 53K "How much for the women?"
Wonderbra wav 36K "They call it the wonderbra cuz when
   you take it off the guy wonders
   where in the hell your tits are."
Woohoo wav 21K "Woohoo"
Workout wav 88K "Since when are you such an
   authority? Your idea of a workout
   includes a man, a bed, and a
   cigarette afterward"
Worldfavor wav 51K "Why don't you do the world a favor
   and pull your lip over your head
   and swallow"
Wow wav 46K "Wow!"
Wowsex wav 395K Sound mix of sexual type comments
Wow all i can say is wow wav 65K "Wow wow. All I can say is wow!"
   Clip by Steve Martin
Wrong wav 79K "This is wrong. This is all wrong"
Wrongbtn wav 32K "Oh no. I pushed the wrong button again"
Wrongwrong wav 43K "The way you're doing it is wrong,
   wrong, wrong!"
Wtem wav 131K "You were gonna eat me weren't you?"
   "Don't be ridiculous, I would never eat you"
    "And why not? What, I'm not good
   enough for you? I want you to eat me.
   Don't you wanna eat me?"
WWWbigpig wav 76K Clip from The Drew Carey Show
   "You been messing with my computer?"
   "No, I hoped you opened your own
   pig site: www.bigpig"