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Ya Big Studd wav 26K "Ya big stud"
Yada wav 10K "Yada, yada, yada"
Yahoo wav 17K Clip from the Yahoo! jingle
Yank yank wav 278K "Wizard Of Oz" parody
Yea baby wav 30K "Yeah baby" from Austin powers
Yeahaw wav 301K "Yea hawww"
Yer welcme wav 21K Female saying "you're welcome"
Yes Yes Yes wav 41K Female saying "Yess, yess, yess, yesss"
Yo baby wav 27K Song clip
   "Yo baby let's get buck naked and f**k"
You are wav 14K "I know you are but what am I?"
You are a meathead wav 17K Archie Bunker saying "You are a meathead"
You are so the shit wav 64K "OMG, you are so The Shit"
   Thanks Miss Hoots for this one!
You bastards wav 17K "You bastards!" from Southpark
You Chesty Thing wav 866K Parody of "You Sexy Thing"
You Could Be Mine wav 315K Song clip from Guns-n-Roses
You da man wav 7K "You da man!"
You Don't Have a Clue wav 12K "You don't understand shit ok, nothing,
   Guys like you have to keep checking your
   pants to see if you have a d**K. I got one."
You enjoying this wav 51K "You are really enjoying this, aren't you?"
You go girl wav 27K "You go girl"
You have to ask nicely wav 33K "You have to ask me nicely"
You know it ain't easy wav 16K "Christ you know it ain't easy
   Clip by The Beatles
You'll do wav 215K Song clip "You don't look like my
   type but I guess you'll do"
You might be a redneck1 wav 208K "If your dog passes gas and you claim it,
   you might be a redneck"
You might be a redneck2 wav 214K "If your wife has ever said 'Come move
   this transmission so I can take a bath'...
   you might be a redneck"
You rang wav 3K Lurch from "The Addams Family"
Your an idiot wav 71K "First of all you're and idiot.
   Second...nah that pretty much covers it"
Your arms wav 43K "If you don't take me into your arms
   this very minute i'll scream"
Your coming wav 35K "You're coming even if I gotta strap
   you to the hood of my car"
You realize this means war wav 14K "You realize this means war"
You're playing with fire wav 43K Song clip from "Rolling Stones"
You're Pretty When I'm Drunk wav 46K Song clip from the Bloodhound Gang
   "You're pretty when I'm drunk...
   and I'm pretty f**king drunk"
You're my angel wav 117K Song clip from Shaggy
Your rude wav 18K "You're really f**king rude, ya know that?"
Your sick wav 25K "You people are f**king sick"
You selfish pig!!!! wav 86K "You selfish pig! You ate all of it.
   Think of all the starving yaks out there
   (This is AU format but plays in game sites)
You smell wav 123K "You are physically repulsive, intelectually
   retarted, morally reprehensible, vulgar,
   insensitive, selfish, stupid, you have no
   taste, a lousy sense of humor and you smell"
Yousuck wav 33K "I hope you don't think that I'm kissing
   up, but you suck"
Your the best wav 81K Song clip from Tina Turner
You stupid csucker wav 25K "You stupid cock sucker" Diceman)
You've got mail wav 104K Woman saying "Yes, yess, yesssssss"
   then the AOL "You've got mail"
Yr problm wav 26K  "I know what your problem is.
   You have no staying power"
Yum yum wav 26K "Yum yum"
Yur best wav 10K "You're the best"
Yurmine wav 86K "You're here at last and you're mine,
   all mine"